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2017 Year in Review

Two thousand eighteen is off to a running start, and I am finally sitting down to reflect on the past year. It is so easy to simply jump into a new year full speed ahead and not look back...but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that taking time to reflect on the past year, remembering God's goodness through all of the changes, and documenting the journey is so life giving. I encourage you to do the same if you haven't already, however that may look!


Two thousand seventeen was a year that will be remembered around the world for heartbreaking tragedy and arising triumph, devastating division and resilient unity, and many situations in between. However, despite the ups and downs this past year brought, we continue to stand amazed at the one constant in our lives – the goodness and faithfulness of God!

At the beginning of 2017, the word we felt led to focus on for our family was “intentional.” This encompassed everything from our decision to join The H…

Heart of a Father

Some may call this the "fatherless generation." Recent statistics from various sources are alarming and indicate that the epidemic of absent fathers in our generation correlates with increased crime rates, youth suicide rates, behavioral disorders, and many, many more forms of human brokenness. We also live in an age where movements like #metoo and headline after headline report shocking scandals of men in power who have taken advantage of women in the worst ways. This may lead some to question where the "good men" have gone, and if there is still hope for generations to come.
But on this Father's Day, I am reminded of two very encouraging passages in Scripture that relate to fathers... so whether you found yourself today honoring your earthly father or harboring bitterness or the sting of loss towards a father not present, perhaps you can find comfort and truth in these verses also, as I have found in my own life...
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and…

My Girls

Charlotte and Adeline,

Your world is about to change in a major way when we welcome our 'Baby Junebug' this month... and although you are both very excited about your new little sister, I know this change will bring some major adjustments  as we become a family of 5...

I want you to know that even though your baby sister will undoubtedly require much of my attention as she adjusts to this big world, you girls also still have ALL of my heart - and that will never, ever change! God gives mommas the capacity to expand our hearts to welcome new babies without compromising our love for any of our children.

The song I sing to you will need to be adapted to include Junebug, but it will still hold the same meaning then as it does now:

I've got Adeline Grace and Charlotte Ann,
My two favorite girls in all the land
I've got Addie and Charli, Grace and Ann.
The two  _______ [most beautiful/strongest/bravest/sweetest] girls in all the land...!

The bond that the two of you share contin…

The Kindness of Pregnancy

I have a confession. I truly LOVE pregnancy. 

To be fair, I admit that I’ve been extremely fortunate to have 3 entirely uncomplicated pregnancy experiences to date – not a single day of morning sickness,  a general feeling of overall wellness, and natural childbirths without complications. [This is certainly not the experience for many women, and I truly empathize with those who have been dealt a much more difficult hand of pregnancy and labor difficulties.] Don’t get me wrong - the exhaustion, the sleepless nights, and the constant adjustments of a growing body are real.  But the flutters of life inside of me – an actual human being growing inside my own body – is a phenomenon that literally leaves me in awe every single day. I actually embrace the extra pounds and body curves, because I am providing extra building blocks for another life. I feel strong, empowered, and beautiful when I think about the way our Creator entrusts my body with this incredible process.
In addition to my i…


Match Day. It's a day in which the keys to the future are dangling right in front of every medical and pharmacy student who is residency bound.  On this day every year, aspiring young professionals anxiously await the results of their pending residency placement. It is a day that determines where they will live, work, and train for the next season of their lives.  It is a day that sets the course of their career in motion. On this day, the key to the future is either handed to the recipient, or it is dangled painstakingly out of reach.  Every year on this day in March, I am taken back to a time when God showed up in a major way and taught my husband and I what it looks like to truly trust His match for our lives...


It was 2009, and we literally had the world before us. After years of intense education to obtain our Doctorate of Pharmacy degree, we both had a drive and desire to take our careers even further by pursuing post-graduate clinical pharmacy residencies. We were de…